Binary Protectors can give you a demonstration in your home or business that it can be "HACKED" in 7 seconds.  Most routers are not built for security.  They are built for range and traffic.  Being ignored since they were introduced there is now an epidemic of WiFi related threats.


Binary Protectors uses a system where the AP (Access Point) directly interacts with the Firewall.  They work together to protect the area of installation.



Hot Spot deployment is easy when you pick the proper company to do it.  We install -Secure- Hot Spots which is essential to understand.  The difference is that your customers cannot interact with each other and they cannot get to your Point Of Sale system.  They are on their own separate, segmented network.


Additionally, we give you the ability to choose if you want to ask each customer information you could use to market to them or give them special coupons in the future to keep them coming back.  These are choices we make with our customers.  


In order to assess this, we would need to come to your location and map out exactly what you want.  Click or call us today (888) 994-WIFI for a free estimate.