Binary Protectors, LLC provides a very select range of services to make your business more secure, faster and more productive.  Our services are come with excellent support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

1. HIPAA & PCA Compliance Reporting Network Level Firewall Protection for Medical Offices:

    A. Data Loss Prevention [Protect patient privacy]

    B. Top to bottom network intrusion protection

    C. Protect your MRP

2. Live Camera Surveillance:

   A. Axis Re-seller

   B. DVR Recording and live login from any device [Tablet/Smart Phone/Android/Mac OS]

   C. Motion Detection

   D. Unlimited number of camera setups

3. VMWare Installation and setup Highly-Available Architecture (HA), hardware failure redundancy:

   A. Plan, design and implement

   B. Requires 1 server in house for all your data, can host email, web, backup, and any proprietary software that you use in-house

   C. Replicate all your sensitive data to the cloud in one of our data-centers in real-time

4.  Web Development:

  A. Any size "brochure" web sites.

  B. Use with CMS [Content Managment Systems], IE. Joomla and WordPress.

  C. Large to small Fully automated Shopping Carts.

  D. Web Site Marketing with the highest quality SEO and Google AdWords.  Professional Key Word Generation.

5. Custom Computer Builds:

  A. Very important to build the proper computer for the proper job.  

      1. CAD Computers

      2. Gaming, Etc.

   B. Water Cooling

   C. Over Clocking Experts

6. Backup And Recovery:

   A. Veeam Software [Reseller]

   B. Large to small scale deployment [Setup]

7.  Storagte Area Network [SAN] for file sharing accross your network including VMWare, vSphere Servers:

  A.  Not required to have a lower quality file server.

  B. Kept "In House" in the event of a catastrophic failure for business continuity [OPEX]

8. General Network IT Support and Deployment:

-> WIFI Deployment Especially for Marine.  [Cick Here]

  A. Disaster Recovery [Backups]

  B. New network installations from 5 PC's/MAC's to 1000's

  C. Complete Network Level Security

  D. HOT SPOT Depoloyment for your clients

  E.  Firewall Deployment

  F.  VOIP Setup and Deployment

  G. VPN [Virtual Private Network]  Secure Multi-Office Connectivity

9. Marine WIFI Services:

  A. Amplified long range [up to 25 miles line of sight] using high powered, specialized Amplifiers].  License requred for some.

  B. Marine HOT SPOT deployment.  Call for details.

  C. Professional Installations.