retail.Icon.150x150Your Point Of Sale (POS) system is becoming increasingly more common in retail businesses.  Businesses that accept credit cards through a Wireless Network AND have a Retail Mobile Hot-Spot have a serious problem.  Additionally PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard has set guidelines to protect your business and your consumers from theft.



Your business can increase its customer base by allowing Hot-Spot access by capturing your customers email addresses or Cell Phone numbers so your business can email them coupons or news.  You will be able to do the same using Text Messaging.  Binary Protectors can provide this for your business and secure your Point Of Sale Credit Card Data.





Retail Hacking Facts: 

  • Trustwave Global Security Report of 2014, retail was the top industry compromised making up 35% of the attacks investigated.
  • 54% of those attacks were against E-Commerce Web Sites.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to hack a WIFI Password.
  • Many retailers underestimate the "Black" market value of information on patrons devices.





If you want SECURE WIFI and a Hot-Spot for your business, Binary Protectors is your service provider for WIFI and Network Security.


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