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Binary Protectors brings an interesting opportunity to Real Estate agents.  Because our offering of services is the protection of exclusive homes, people who own the homes would want to be assured that their information isn’t compromised.  The more elite the home owner is, the more security he/she would consider.  Please see our "Network Security" are of our Web Site for a more information.


Remember, any online transactions or obtaining information of your bank accounts or securities accounts can and will be compromised so long as there is not protection.  Binary Protectors gives Department of Defense security for an affordable price.


For Real Estate agents, our "commission" as an independent contract is 15% of the sale.  When a normal security bundle is about $5,000.00 there certainly is an opportunity there.


Please speak to Alex Athineos about this.  He will review the options and show you how you can sell this security system with financing.  Most of the patrons of this type of security are usually credit worthy so obtaining financing for their security is easy.


Its an easy process and it works.


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