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Malware Protection!

Binary Protectors is a Cyber Security Company to protect You and Your Business
against illicit internet activities by simply preventing it! 

1.  Malware Protection
2.  Identity Theft PREVENTION
3.  Anti Virus Protection (Network Level)
4,  Call us today for all protection.  888.994.WiFi (9434)


When in the “Network Zone” you, your family and your colleagues are safe. We can even prevent your children from going to adult or illicit websites. You, our customers, make the rules and we configure them around your needs. Our networks are HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) compliant and are the same standards the United States Defense Department uses today.


What is the best WIFI Router?

  • The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you want security or not.  If you do, call us right away because we have the most secure WIFI routers on the market, period.  As you know every IP Address in the United States is being "Port Scanned" every day. 
  • If your looking for power and distance, we have you covered.  Call us.  We have the most powerful router the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allows.


Unlike other network configurations, our "Security" is in the firewall and the access points your Wi-Fi devices connect to. There is no need to add virus protection, malware or any other types of protections on any of the computers within the "Network Zone".


Real Hacking Statistics:

  • Nearly three quarters or 73% of all Americans are victims of cyber crime.
  • An estimated 30,000 websites are infected.
  • 20% of all businesses suffered some sort of cyber security hack over the last 12 months and 77% of these companies felt they were successfully attacked several times over the same time period.
  • According to it takes only 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password that is 6 characters long.
  • According to, it takes only 7 seconds to crack a Wi-Fi Protected Access or  WPA enabled router.
  • In a January 16, 2016 article, New York Times says, "No Business To Small To Be Hacked."    CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS.

 Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.
To Protect Your Business and Home.
Call us at (888) 994-WIFI  (9434)


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Network Zone:  Network Zone is an are which Binary Protectors has installed the proper equipment for you, your family or co workers connect to.  The more Access Points we add, the wider area the access to WIFI can exist.  Additionally, each server or computer connected via Ethernet is within this zone.

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