• We have professional tools for each ethernet run.  Testing every cable.
  • Over 25 years esperience.
  • Making sure each cable job is to code.


We all suffer from our Cable Companys horrible cabling.  If you need help with TV or "COAX" Cabling, we have the best cable and the best installers.  Call us, we will help you.
TV/Coax Cabling Costs depend on many factors.

Each one of our jobs is different.  With each job comes obsticles.  We have been running ethernet cabling for over 20 years.  Our equipment is up to date and we test every cable to make sure its integrety is to the highest standards.  From 400,000 SQFT Hotels, to Small businesses we have you covered.  Call or click for an estimate.

Our standard price per ethernet "Crimp" is between $50 to $65.  So each cable will run you beteen $100 to $130 per run.  This depends on many factors:

  • How long the cable is.
  • Where it needs to be run, IE Into the Cieling?  Through the wall?  How many walls?

Guaranteed Runs & Competative Pricing.


Call us today for an estimate.  From small to large jobs we have you covered.


Note: Standard Ethernet cable length can only be 328 meters.  We can extend this to over 1000 Meters.


Please click on each image:


The wrong installation.....


After we fixed it.  Correct Installation.....

 network cabling.250  network cabling.2.250  network cabling.3.250