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The revelation that some of the country’s most prestigious law firms were hacked in an attempt to uncover confidential information, coupled with the “Panama Papers” scandal, has put an uncomfortable spotlight on law firms and their data security programs.

This may be the much needed wake-up call to law firms—big and small—to conduct an audit of their information security systems and protocols, and be more proactive in their efforts to prevent data breaches that could potentially have significant ramifications, both for their clients and their livelihood. In this month’s roundtable, law firm leaders and cybersecurity experts discuss why law firms are vulnerable to hackers, and what needs to be done to prevent a consequential data breach.

What can a "Typical Law Firm Do"?

  • Create a cyber aware culture across your entire organization, including your vendors/supply chain.
  • Rely on multiple layers of data protections that involves pervasive use of encryption and strong authentication.
  • Run breach readiness assessments and drills to see how your organization would react when something inevitably happens.
  • Determine the relative value of breach impacts, so you can prepare in advance. For example, a nuisance intrusion into non-core systems, if caught and contained in time, may not bring the repercussions of attorney-client data being stolen.
  • Obtain cyber risk insurance for the value of risk (damage, disruption, etc.) that cannot be mitigated.

What a Law Office needs is a Cyber Security Professional Company to assess and protect its data.  Set up specific paramaters with the staff to follow to insure safe data.  A Law Office needs Binary Protectors.

 Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

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