Home WIFI Security is becoming more and more important based on many facts:



Home Security is not only Wireless security as it would be a physical issue.  Securing your home with a WIFI enabled system to "protect your home" via -physical break in- is part of a solution.  It's the part that you do not see that is the real threat.  Of course, fixing the physical threat is important what you don't see can be much more problematic.  PLEASE look at the video at the bottom of this web page to see how we can secure the WIFI in your home and protect your valuable information you cannot touch.



  • The term "SmartHome" is an Oxymoron.  Smart-Home items use open ports to get to them.  Binary Protectors secures these ports by using our Firewall and Security Bundles.  Smart-Homes now can become SAFE Smart-Homes.  We keep your Smart-Home running strong and SAFE.
  • The Firewall we use has built in security functions which protect your Online Transactions, Credit Card Monitoring, Social Security Monitoring, Identity Protection and many more security functions.
  • Binary Protectors configurations protect your children from going to illicit Web Sites.
  • Our Configurations provide multiple WIFI networks for guests or whichever our customers choose to segment the WIFI Network off of your current network.

Home Hacking Statistics:

  • An estimated 77 Million User Accounts have been hacked with the Sony Playstation Network.
  • #1 TRILLION Dollars worth of Intellectual Property STOLEN just in the year 2008 by hackers gaining access to confidential data sotred on Enterprise systems worldwide that Home Owners use.
  • As said many times on our blogs, it takes less than 10 minutes to completely crack a WIFI password.  This CANNOT be done with our security measures, PERIOD.
  • Nearly 3/4 of ALL AMERICANS have fallen victim to some type of Cyber Crime.
  • 90% of ALL businesses suffered some sort of computer hack over the past 12 months and 77 % of these companies felt they were successfully attacked several times over the same period.
  • In 2009 The Security Firm Finjan discovered a BOT NET run by a Ukrainian hacking gang that consisted of over 1.9 million "zombie" computers.  This BOT NET earned its owners up to $190,000 per day.
  • Over 27 Million Americans have fallen victim to Identity Theft.  Binary Protectors PREVENTS this.


We work with our customers to make sure each and every configuration is satisfactory to each home.
Each home is different and has different family configurations.
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