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Binary Protectors lowers medical office liability when it comes to protecting their medical records.  We work together with our medical office clients to install the proper equipment to protect their data.  Specifically their medical records.  Remember, hacking is on the rise.  Blue Cross Blue Shield just got hacked.  Millions of medical records are in the hands of hackers.  We can bullet proff this for your medical practice no matter the size.  Medical offices in particular are very prone to these attacks because medical records hold enough information for hackers to use as identities.  Identities are worth a lot of money to them. These systems work right on top or with the current office EMR [Electronic Medical Records] Software.  Are you using virus protection on the computers the EMR is on?  This is no way to protect your data.  Binary Protectors will fix this problem.  


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NOTE:  There are people with extended ranged WIFI devices that can scan your network up to a mile or more away.  They use software on their computers to try and break your WEP code.  This software is an easy download over the Internet.  The way we apprach this is we take all the WIFI traffic completely off the same network as your medical records or any important information.  Our medical office network installations are segmented which means we will work together to make sure which computers are part of one network so the WIFI network is part of a completely different segment.  No way to share data accross this segmentation.


HIPAA Network Security Compliance is essential:

If you would like the legal HIPPA Requirement Checklist, please call.

Your medical office network set up has everything to do with it.  Securing the network your EMR runs is the best way to secure your HIPAA client information.  Binary Protectors, LLC provides your office with network level security.  So no need to install virus protection on each computer that runs your EMR.  No need to worry about devices connecting to your network, IE Smart Phones or Tablets.  We use specialized firewall hardware that is fully HIPAA compliant.  Moreover it provides your office with additional HIPAA and PCA information on for your compliance to HIPAA.  This is the "SMART" way to protect your medical records and secure your business network.

The hardware we install works in place of the insecure router you are currently using.  It is seamless so it doesn't matter what EMR you are using.  It just bullet proofs your network!


The firewall/router we recommend is WatchGuard.  Binary Protectors will install and manage this firewall/router for your business.  Remember, this works in addition to your EMR software package.  Because most EMR's rely on the security of each computer or device it runs on, the network level firewall/router is the safest "state of the art" solution for medical records and general office security.


HIPAA will continue to increase their requirements for medical offices.  Be prepared.  Let Binary Protectors bullet proof your medical office.


PCI Compliance is essential: 

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is written in every merchant account contract within each business account.  Compliance is essential to keep said merchant account.  Most merchant accounts give you 90 days to comply.  Most businesses do not.  Binary Protectors can give you this complaince.


For more information on HIPPA and how Binary Protectors can help you in Healthcare, please CLICK HERE.  Its very informative.

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