Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab is so upset with US software giant Microsoft that the security firm has filed more antitrust complaints against the company.

The antivirus firm initially filed a lawsuit late last year against Microsoft with Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) over alleged abuse of Microsoft's dominant position in the desktop market to push its own antivirus software with Windows 10 and unfair competition in the market.

Microsoft ships Windows 10 with its own security software Windows Defender, which comes enabled it by default with the operating system.

While Microsoft has made some changes in Windows Defender since the initial complaint, Kaspersky Lab is not satisfied with the changes, filing more antitrust complaints against the software giant, this time with the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office.


The antivirus firm told European antitrust regulators that Microsoft prevents third-party security software vendors from competing on equal footing with software products built into the ubiquitous Windows operating system.

"Microsoft uses its dominant position in the computer operating system market to fiercely promote its own—inferior—security software (Windows Defender) at the expense of users' previously self-chosen security solution," says co-founder Eugene Kaspersky in a blog post.

Kaspersky claims that Microsoft removes its antivirus software from the Windows operating system when users upgrade their systems to Windows 10, and enables its own Windows Defender anti-virus solution.

What's even more? Kaspersky also claims that Redmond doesn't provide enough time to fully test its latest Windows 10 upgrades in order to ensure that its existing software is compatible with the OS.

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Alex Athineos
The Hacker News