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General Cyber Security Problem and How We Can Fix It

The Cyber Security problem is more prevalent than any one person knows.  Only the Government understands that this is the quintessential problem of this century.  You have our new administration hiring Rudy Giuliani and still cannot fix the problem because the problem is not an internal one.  It is an “External END-USER Problem”.  What that means is that the large companies like Amazon, Google and the like will never agree to change one packet of data that transmits through the Internet as it stands today.  In other words the Internets inner-workings will not change.  The only change that can happen to protect people is at the “End Point”.  The “End Point” is the landing of each connected device.  The landing needs to be of each inter connected device is at the Modem or DMARK.  From there the transmission of all data goes through a “Router”.  This is the “End Point” we protect.  We change this Router to a Firewall/Router with all the subscriptions that completely protect each “End Point”.  Each “End Point” is a home, a business, hotel, building, hospital, airport or government entity.  Every home has a router and modem.  Every business or said entity has the same.  This is how we protect our customers.


The way revenue is generated with protecting homes and businesses is the use of specialty firewalls made by Watchguard which are proven to be the best on the market.  We capture revenue on the up front sale of each client and a monthly management charge for each as well just like the ADT model.


Binary Protectors will be set up to protect each customer with private email servers for each client.  Setting up Watchguard Dimension which shows each client the Internet Traffic that goes through each of the Firewalls –on the fly-.   Binary Protectors has a proprietary Configuration File that sits on each of these Firewalls, but are specific to each client.


Global Understanding of this prevalent problem is not happening.  This is why having a very good PR component to the marketing aspect of the business is critical.  Currently there is NO company that is the “Go To” company to fix any Cyber Security problem.  Binary Protectors needs to become this as a first to market company to protect against all illicit internet threats.


Binary Protectors ensures every connected device on each client network is protected.  This includes every computer, server, cell phone, tablet, laptop and the like.


By: Alex Athineos


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WIFI Home and Business Security

The importance of this issue is transposing our nation.  It has now become THE most important security risk of our time. 


Most peope dont know that security in their home is paramount.  Simple HARDWARE firewalls will do the trick.  Most people have completly open networks with the normal routers they purchase at the "Big Box" Stores.  Simply put they do not secure anything.


As for businesses, this issue is completely rampid.  Anyone with the smallest incling of WIFI knowleage can get into any network using simple hacking tools easily available over the Intenrnet.


Binary Protettors are experts in this space.


Give us a call and we will assess your unique situationa and fix whatever needs to be fixed.


Thank you,


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Businesses are not protected!

It truly is a quandary.  Businesses around this country, especially medical offices are not protected even with simple WIFI protection.  Why?  Most business owners don’t know if or when they have or have not been hacked!  Most companies have a simple WIFI router which comes from their ISP which doesn’t protect them.  They install this equipment, get a dedicated IP address and that’s it.  They think they are Good To Go.  Wrong!

Specifically businesses with dedicated IP addresses are the most susceptible to WIFI and other attacks.  What is incredible to me is that they just wouldn’t know if they are.  

They don’t have any firewall that would tell them if they are being hacked so most companies just don’t know.

A simple and very inexpensive way to do this is to call our company and get a simple firewall installed.  It truly is an insurance policy on their data.


Thank you,


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White House speaks on Cyber Security [SHAM]


Its funny how our Government tells us how they will help our companies by sharing data with them when they keep the information to themselves.  Its important to understand why.  In order for our Government to keep us "safe" from cyber-attacks they need to be aware of more than any company who protects their clients from these attacks.

Cyber Attacks are getting more and more prevalent.  They happen every day and are increasing in volume.  This is a problem that will not disappear!

The only way to keep our systems protected is to hire the right people to do the job.  

MOST small businesses are not aware that their Internet Providers hardware is incredibly susceptible to attacks.  For instance, Comcast does their best to provide the fastest Internet possible to their subscribers.  The hardware they give to home and business users is absolutely not secure.  Businesses turn their WIFI on and use their smart phone devices and have the same computers on the same network by just plugin in a hub or just by using WIFI.  

To me, this is nuts.  Anyone with the right hardware/software/Operating Systems can easily break into that WIFI connection and make their way right to their computers or servers.

Nobody is protected 100% even when installing the right hardware to protect their networks.  

To find the right combination of security protocols you need professionals like Binary Protectors.  We know Cyber Security very well.  We also understand the metrix behind updating the controls of the hardware we use.

If you really want to protect your network, give us a call.  We will give you a no-nonsense view on protection with realistic goals and realistic pricing.  With 24 hour 7 day a week support, rest assured you will be able to sleep at night knowing that the best are watching over your network!

Thank you,

Binary Protectors Management

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Wholesale Drug Testing.Com, LLC

One of our respected customers.  We provided a complete solution for them as they run their business soley off of their web site.  From Email Marketing, Invoicing, referrals, Google Adwords to Affiliate Networking we have set them up.  


You can see their Web Site by clicking:


We are continuing to add and supply services for over a year.



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Insurance Carriers are reluctant to insure Medical Offices!

It is increadible to see that most insurance companies do not insure medical offices or Hospitals due to the nature of the information these businesses have.  The information is so critical that they just do not insure them.  


Binary Protectors is alligning with one of the largest insurance carriers in the world to provide our Medical Offices with the highest level of security and insurance in case of that 1% chance there is an intrusion.  Based on the nature of the intrusion, the insurane rates may vary.  


The bottom line is that Binary Protectors will have you "Protected"


Thank you,


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Posted by on in Binary Protectors News

As Cyber Security becomes more and more prevalent our customers need to be covered 100%.  Binary Protectors is working on a plan and incorporating into our new service agreements whereas we cover any possible losses due to any intrusions from any outside or inside attacks.  We are currently working an a model for all of our customers.


Thank you,


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