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The Identity Protection HOAX!

All these commercials about "Identity Protection" IS A HOAX!  YES I SAID IT!

Look, the truth of the matter is that yes, they do provide a service.  What that service is not being sold as total protection.  Or any protection at ALL.  You do understand that they cannot PREVENT it.  They can only give you INSURANCE if it does happen.  This is the TRUTH of the matter.  Millions of people signing up left and right.  They don’t know what the full story is until the read the fine print of the contract they just signed.  Its always in the details, isn’t it?

You see, what they do is give you a 1 million dollar policy to handle the case of putting your identity back the way it was WITH THEIR ATTORNEYS.  No yours.  And, if they don’t succeed they walk away.  Your $19.95 a month for 10 years is, gone.  This seems to me as a re-insurance business.


Binary Protectors PROTECTS your Identity by sifting through every packet to see if you’re the lines of digital code match your social security number BEFORE it goes out into the Internet land.  It sifts through your banking information, your credit cards, etc.  With our system in place you should feel safe purchasing online.  Banking online.  Making sure your employees dont download a virus or malware which would give others access to your customer database and their protected information.  


Businesses done realize they all need to be PCI compliant.  Like HIPPA for doctors’ offices.  This is consumer protection.  These protections are in place to keep data safe.  

In reality most business don’t do it.  I know personally that most doctors offices are NOT HIPPA compliant and our business is in South Florida.  The CAPITAL of Doctors Offices!

Yes.  This is the truth.  As blind as you may run around on the Internet in your home buying things anyone can be snooping around on your network without you knowing anything about it.

Yes. Any other business that wants your customers can get to them if you do not have procedures in place to insure they are protected.

Not only can we do help you, but we do it with a reasonable cost.


This is why you don’t hear the Department of Defense being hacked all the time.

Like Hillary Clinton with her email server in her CLOSIT of all places.  Did you know, she literally did NOT WANT any protection on that server?  Go online and see. 

Any open system, especially "Smart Homes" or homes with cameras they open ports where anyone with the least bit of "hacking" ability can go in through those open ports and do many illicit things.

Do you have children?  Do you want them going to adult web sites?  I do, and I protect them by blocking them.  Can you do this?  Do you have a live picture of what they are doing online?  Wouldn’t you want this?  As a parent I would think everyone would.

Binary Protectors is exactly what the name suggests.  We protect businesses and homes against all of these bad actors.  We put a stop to these people trying to infiltrate your "safe zone".

Note: A "Safe Zone" is a place where you can feel safe online.  What this means is this is the place where we put the equipment necessary so you and your business can become a "safe zone".


Thank you,

Alex Athienos, President/CEO
Binary Protectors.Com, LLC

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White House speaks on Cyber Security [SHAM]


Its funny how our Government tells us how they will help our companies by sharing data with them when they keep the information to themselves.  Its important to understand why.  In order for our Government to keep us "safe" from cyber-attacks they need to be aware of more than any company who protects their clients from these attacks.

Cyber Attacks are getting more and more prevalent.  They happen every day and are increasing in volume.  This is a problem that will not disappear!

The only way to keep our systems protected is to hire the right people to do the job.  

MOST small businesses are not aware that their Internet Providers hardware is incredibly susceptible to attacks.  For instance, Comcast does their best to provide the fastest Internet possible to their subscribers.  The hardware they give to home and business users is absolutely not secure.  Businesses turn their WIFI on and use their smart phone devices and have the same computers on the same network by just plugin in a hub or just by using WIFI.  

To me, this is nuts.  Anyone with the right hardware/software/Operating Systems can easily break into that WIFI connection and make their way right to their computers or servers.

Nobody is protected 100% even when installing the right hardware to protect their networks.  

To find the right combination of security protocols you need professionals like Binary Protectors.  We know Cyber Security very well.  We also understand the metrix behind updating the controls of the hardware we use.

If you really want to protect your network, give us a call.  We will give you a no-nonsense view on protection with realistic goals and realistic pricing.  With 24 hour 7 day a week support, rest assured you will be able to sleep at night knowing that the best are watching over your network!

Thank you,

Binary Protectors Management

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Insurance Carriers are reluctant to insure Medical Offices!

It is increadible to see that most insurance companies do not insure medical offices or Hospitals due to the nature of the information these businesses have.  The information is so critical that they just do not insure them.  


Binary Protectors is alligning with one of the largest insurance carriers in the world to provide our Medical Offices with the highest level of security and insurance in case of that 1% chance there is an intrusion.  Based on the nature of the intrusion, the insurane rates may vary.  


The bottom line is that Binary Protectors will have you "Protected"


Thank you,


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Binary Protectors is currently working on a program to get medical offices comletely secure and totally HIPAA Compliant. We will do this by using a combination of insurance and the proper firewalls.


Stay Tuned!



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