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Recent blog posts

I have been blogging about this issue now for MONTHS.  Conventional, Big Box Store Routers are VERY Impervious to WIFI attacks.  Two Popular Netgear Routers are vulnerable to a CRITICAL Security bug that allows attackers to run malicious code with ROOT Privileges.

Netgear's R7000 and R6400 routers, running current and latest versions of firmware, are vulnerable to arbitrary command injection attacks, though the number of users affected by the flaw is still unclear.

Look, there is only ONE way to protect your information and sleep well at night and we have them!  If you use these at any business locations you WILL be hacked!  Its not if its when.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Cyber Security Complacency..... The Hurricane Analogy.....

Using an analogy of "Storm Shutters" or "Storm Windows" would be the same as saying that protecting your home against HACKING or Viruses, Malware, Identity Theft, etc. using a Firewall.  The Hurricane is outside every day.  The Hurricane is Illicit Internet Traffic or People and Companies that want to get your private data. 

This problem will not go away.  It will continue to get worse, especially as more and more people are not protecting themselves.  

What is more important?  Your Identity?  Your Social Security Number?  Your Customers?  Your Leads?  Your Private Information?  Those private pictures?

Hire us to protect your data.  Secure your business.  Secure your home.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Uber Tracks Your Location Even After Your Ride!

Uber is now tracking you even when your ride is over, and, according to the ride-hailing company, the surveillance will improve its service.

Uber recently updated its app to collect user location data in the background.

So, if you have updated your Uber app recently, your app's location tracking permissions have changed, allowing the app to monitor your location before and five minutes after your trip ends, even if you have closed the app.

A popup on the Uber app will ask you, "Allow 'Uber' to access our location even when you are not using the app?" You can click "Allow" or "Don't Allow" in response to this request. If you don't allow it, Uber won't track you.

According to the company, this information helps not only drivers find riders without making phone calls, but also Uber monitor driver service, making sure riders are picked up and dropped off on the proper side of the street in order to enhance safety.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Very Important Video To Watch About Cyber Security


Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Use Andro Dumper to HACK WIFI Passwords without Root Access

FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!  You can download this app from the Google App Store.  Hack WIFI Passwords!

For people who DON'T Want to be hacked, PLEASE call us.  We can protect you from this HORRIBLE application!


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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Google Patches 74 Vulnerabilities in Android

Thanks to Security Week by Iornut Arghire

Google this week released the December 2016 set of monthly patches for the Android platform which resolved a total of 74 vulnerabilities, 11 which were rated Critical severity.

The December 2016 Android Security Bulletin has been split in two, namely the 2016-12-01 security patch level, which includes 16 fixes (10 High severity and 6 Medium risk) and the 2016-12-05 security patch level, which includes 58 patches (11 Critical risk, 33 High severity, and 14 Medium risk).

The 16 fixes included in the 2016-12-01 security patch level affect Android versions 4.4.4 and newer, with Android 7.0 being the most affected platform release. Only two of the vulnerabilities fixed by this patch level doesn’t affect Android 7.0, while four are exclusive to this platform iteration, Google’s advisory reveals.

The High risk flaws resolved in this release included three remote code execution vulnerabilities in CURL/LIBCURL impacting Android 7.0, an elevation of privilege vulnerability in libziparchive and a remote Code Execution vulnerability in Framesequence library impacting all 5.0.2 and newer operating system releases, a Denial of service vulnerability in Telephony and four similar issues in Mediaserver, affecting Android 4.4.4 and newer OS versions.

The Moderate severity bugs included Elevation of privilege vulnerabilities in Smart Lock, Framework APIs, Telephony, and Wi-Fi, along with Information disclosure flaws in Mediaserver and Package Manager. Devices running Android 4.4.4 and newer platform releases are impacted by these bugs.

The most important of the Critical fixes included in the 2016-12-05 security patch level is for a vulnerability tracked as CVE-2016-5195, but better known as Dirty COW. The Elevation of privilege vulnerability was found in Linux kernel, but the Android kernel memory subsystem was impacted as well, and exploits that abuse it were already made public.

In last month’s round of Android patches, Google included a patch level dedicated to the Dirty COW vulnerability, revealing that all devices running security patch level of 2016-11-06would no longer be impacted by the bug. However, the company decided to roll out the actual patch for Nexus and Pixel devices only as part of this month’s set of updates.

The 2016-12-05 security patch level resolves a second Critical severity elevation of privilege vulnerability in kernel memory subsystem, tracked as CVE-2016-4794 and impacting Pixel C, Pixel, and Pixel XL devices. Other Critical Elevation of privilege flaws patched this month were found in NVIDIA GPU driver, kernel, NVIDIA video driver, kernel ION driver, and the Qualcomm MSM interface.

Most of the High severity flaws resolved by this patch level were Elevation of privilege bugs as well, affecting the kernel file system, kernel, HTC sound codec driver, MediaTek driver, Qualcomm media codecs, Qualcomm camera driver, kernel performance subsystem, MediaTek I2C driver, NVIDIA libomx library, Qualcomm sound driver, kernel security subsystem, Synaptics touchscreen driver, and Broadcom Wi-Fi driver.

Other resolved High risk issues include Information disclosure flaws in MediaTek video driver and NVIDIA video driver, along with Denial of service vulnerabilities in GPS and NVIDIA camera driver.

The 14 Medium risk fixes in this patch series resolve an Elevation of privilege vulnerability in kernel networking subsystem, along with 13 Information disclosure flaws in Qualcomm components, NVIDIA librm library, kernel components (such as the ION subsystem, Binder, USB driver and networking subsystem), NVIDIA video driver, and Qualcomm sound driver.

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Hidden Image EXPLOIT in Image Banner Advertisements!

If you have gone to popular web sites lately and are NOT behind a Firewall your computer is most likely infected!  YES!   Thanks to a new exploit kit discovered by security researchers from an AntiVirus provider ESET have discovered an exploit kit STEGANO, hiding malicious code in pixles of banner advertisements.  These banner advertisements are in a constant rotation on many popular web sites.  So, again....  If your not behind a Firewall you are most likely infected.  In this particular malvertising campaign, operators hide malicious code inside transparent PNG image's Alpha Channel, which defines the transparency of each pixel, by altering the transparency value of several pixels.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athienos

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Eliminate Adult Content For Children In Your Home!

Eliminate Adult Content in your home for your Children!  Binary Protectors can create a different WIFI network for your Children and another for your use.  The one for your children should not have your children to be able to view Adult Content.  Additionally, we can protect your valuable information like your Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers and any important information that you value.  PROTECT YOUR NETWORK.  Call us today.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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North Korea's Red Star Linux Based OS Can Be HACKED!

North Korea's Red Star OS can be HACKED Remotely with a link.  This OS that was built by North Korea which was supposed to be "UNHACKABLE" or full-proof can easily be HACKED remotely.  This OS dubbed The "Red Star OS" was hacked by a group of hackers by simply opening a hyperlink.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Why not protect your business and home network?  Do you really think you are safe with the WIFI you have?  Really?  Call us today.  We have the most economical way for you to safeguard your critical information and sleep well at night.

Thank you,
Alex Athienos



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DailyMotion HACKED!  85 Million User Accounts Stolen!

Look, this isnt a speacial event.  Its yet another reason to protect your business and home.  

This time a popular video sharing platform DailyMotion has been allegedly hacked with over 18 million accounts stolen.  The information is still coming in.....  If you have an account with them, change your user name & Password immediatly.  

The problem is growing faster and faster.....  Who will be next?


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,


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Ben-Gurion University & PayPal Join Forces in Cyber Security Research!

According to Homeland Security News Wire:

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and PayPal announced a new partnership this morning in order to conduct joint research and development in the fields of big data, machine learning and cyber security. It is the first such collaboration between PayPal and an Israeli university. PayPal’s involvement in big-data and machine learning technology has been supported by its significant R&D activity in Israel, starting with the acquisition of Fraud Sciences in 2008 and the establishment of a global risk and data sciences R&D center in Tel-Aviv.

This is great news, however it does NOT solve the END USER problem!  It does NOT solve the small to medium business problem.  Firewall Protection is the only real protection available today.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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Smart Homes are DANGEROUS!

The fact of the matter is, the more "Smart Home" devices your home has the more vulnerable you and your home are.  These devices open "PORTS" which allow the devices to work.  If they are NOT SECURED behind a FIREWALL your information and the devices will be compromised.  PERIOD!  Once these "Bad Actors" are in, they can get a hold of all your credit card transactions, your social security number and many other valuable items to your livelihood.

Here is a video from the University of Michigan explaining this:

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Let us protect your home like we have done to many of our customers.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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Personal Cloud Device

Here is an example of a "Personal Cloud" device.  This is a Western Digital "My Cloud" 2TB External Network hardware that is under $140.00 from Best Buy which you can purchase by clicking the following link: [CLICK HERE].  With this device you can put all your movies, pictures from your phone and/or computer, etc. without having to worry about your information being out there in "The Internet Wasteland".  This device sits in your home, hopefully behind your own Firewall where nobody can get to it.  Your information on this device is safe because it is literally in your home or office.  You can purchase different types with more memory, however this main issue is that it is safe because it sits within your possession.  You will be able to use it as your Smart Phone cloud as well and get rid of these cloud services where your information is out there for anyone to hack into.



Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Lazerous Stole $101 MILLION BANK HACK!

Small banks just do not have the protection as the bigger banks do.  These hackers stole $101 million dollars by gaining access to Global Banking Network according to CNN and The Bank Of Russia.  Here is the Video:


Thank You,
Alex Athineos

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The Cloud is Affecting IT

A larger and larger amount of CIO's are worried about "The Cloud" and they SHOULD BE.  This is NOT a good solution for companies that want to really secure their information.  Its less expensive but not cost effective.  Is it cost effective if your competitor gets your hard earned business information?  It will happen.  The cloud is just a bunch of servers scattered around in different locations.  Thats all.  Its not some "magic" thing!

Businesses really need to evaluate the costs of having a REAL Firewall or the Cloud.  Firewalls are not that expensive any more and they provide more than just "Firewall" technologies.

This is what we do.  Call us, we can explain.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Congress allows rule permitting mass hacking by government to take effect

According to USA TODAY, By: Erin Kelly:

WASHINGTON — In a defeat for privacy advocates, Senate leaders rebuffed a last-ditch effort by a bipartisan group of senators Wednesday to allow a vote to block a new rule that allows federal agents armed with a single search warrant to hack millions of Americans' computers or smartphones at once.

That rule will now take effect Thursday.

Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Chris Coons, D-Del., and Steve Daines, R-Mont., took to the Senate floor to seek agreement to bring up bills to stop the rule from taking effect or at least delay it for three to six months to give Congress more time to study it. Republican Senate leaders denied the three senators' requests for a vote.

"By sitting here and doing nothing, the Senate has given consent to this expansion of government hacking and surveillance," said Wyden, who vowed to introduce a bill in the next Congress to repeal the rule. "Law-abiding Americans are going to ask ‘what were you guys thinking?' when the FBI starts hacking victims of a botnet hack. Or when a mass hack goes awry and breaks their device, or an entire hospital system and puts lives at risk."

The Justice Department, which sought the rule, says it's necessary to keep up with changes in the technology used by criminals, especially the growing use of "botnets." These are clusters of computers infected by malware that can be controlled remotely and used by hackers to steal financial data.

Under existing rules, FBI agents must go to magistrates in every judicial district where infected computers are known to be located and request warrants to hack into those machines, which may number in the thousands or even the millions and be scattered across the country. The change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure would allow them to go to just one judge to get a warrant to access all those computers.

Congress has not held any hearings on the new rule, which was approved by the Supreme Court last spring and takes effect automatically on Dec. 1 without congressional action.

Opponents of the new rule, including Google and other big tech companies, say it would hurt crime victims twice by letting the government hack them after they've already been hit by criminal hackers. The government could potentially damage victims' computers and smartphones and destroy their data, critics say.

Federal agents must make "reasonable efforts" under the new rule to tell law-abiding Americans that their devices have been hacked by the government, but privacy advocates said that requirement is weak and victims may never be told about the intrusion.

"We can’t give unlimited power for unlimited hacking — putting Americans’ civil liberties at risk," Daines said.

Federal agents already hack into victims' computers to thwart criminals, but the government could greatly expand that power under the new rule.

Federal prosecutors say the updated rule will help them investigate criminals' increased use of botnets.

"This change would not permit indiscriminate surveillance of thousands of victim computers," wrote Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell of the Criminal Division in a blog post.

Coons said Congress is allowing the new rule to take effect without really knowing what it does.

"While the proposed changes are not necessarily bad or good, they are serious, and they present significant privacy concerns that warrant careful consideration and debate," Coons said. "It is our responsibility to do our jobs and thoroughly evaluate the merits and ramifications of the proposed changes."

People, Please get smart.  Call us to get your network secure from ANY Intruders!  Its your information.  Keep it safe.  Keep it PRIVATE.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Malicious JPG Images on Facebook Spreading Locky Ransomware!

DO NOT CLICK on ANY images sent to you through any Social Media Web Sites!  Researchers have discovered the ongoing spam campaign using a booby-trapped JPG image files inflict the Locky Ransomware.

Here is a video of it......


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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FBI Gets Expanded power to HACK ANY Computer in the World- Rule 41

With Rule-41 The FBI Can HACK Into ANY Computer in the world!  From TODAY Forward the United States Intelligence and law inforcment agencies have this power!

The Supreme Court approved the changes to Rule 41 in April, allowing any U.S. judge to issue search warrants that give the FBI and law enforcement agencies authority to remotely hack computers in any jurisdiction, or even outside the United States.

Ill Keep Saying It!

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Critical Firefox Patch for Zero-Day Vulnerability!

EVERYONE, must update their Firefox Browser!  There is a CRITICAL Zero-Day Vulnerability to the older version.  Please update right away!

You can update by [CLICKING HERE].

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Gooligan Malware HACKS over 1 Million Google Accounts!

In short, if you have an Android device prepare yourself for this!  Over 13,000 devices PER DAY are getting breached from the "Gooligan Malware"!

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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