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Recent blog posts
Dozens of WiFi Router Models Vulnerable to Multiple FLAWS!!!!

Bad news for consumers with Linksys routers: Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed the existence of nearly a dozen of unpatched security flaws in Linksys routers, affecting 25 different Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers models widely used today.

IOActive's senior security consultant Tao Sauvage and independent security researcher Antide Petit published a blog post on Wednesday, revealing that they discovered 10 bugs late last year in 25 different Linksys router models.

Out of 10 security issues (ranging from moderate to critical), six can be exploited remotely by unauthenticated attackers.

According to the researchers, when exploited, the flaws could allow an attacker to overload the router, force a reboot by creating DoS conditions, deny legitimate user access, leak sensitive data, change restricted settings and even plant backdoors.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank You,

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1,150 InterContinental Hotels GET HACKED From Hackers Who Steal Payment Card Data!!

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is notifying its customers that credit card numbers and other sensitive information may have been stolen after it found malware on payment card systems at 1,174 franchise hotels in the United States.

It's the second data breach that U.K.-based IHG, which owns Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, has disclosed this year. The multinational hotel conglomerate confirmed a credit card breach in February which affected 12 of its hotels and restaurants.

What happened?
IHG identified malware accessing payment data from cards used at front desk systems between September 29 and December 29, 2016, but the malware was erased after the investigation got completed in March 2017.

"Many IHG-branded locations are independently owned and operated franchises and certain of these franchisee operated locations in the Americas were made aware by payment card networks of patterns of unauthorized charges occurring on payment cards after they were legitimately used at their locations," read the notice published to IHG’s site on Friday."

What type of information?
The malware obtained credit card data, such as cardholders' names, credit card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes, from the card's magnetic stripe, although the company said there is no evidence of any unauthorized access to payment card data after late December.

However, the company can not confirm that the malware was removed until February and March 2017, when it began its investigation around the data breach.

How many victims?
The total number of affected customers is not revealed by the company, although customers can use a lookup tool IHG has posted on its website to search for hotels by city and state.

The company says this most recent breach mostly affects guests from U.S-based hotels, who stayed between September 29 and December 29, 2016. The 1,174 hotels breached in the US include, 163 in Texas, 64 in California, 61 in Florida, 53 in Indiana, 50 in Ohio, 45 in New York, 42 in Michigan, 39 in Illinois, among others.

Only one hotel in Puerto Rico, a Holiday Inn Express in San Juan, is the non-U.S. hotel that was hit by malware.

Who are not affected by the breach?
Those franchise hotel locations that had implemented IHG's Secure Payment Solution (SPS) – a point-to-point encryption payment acceptance solution – before 29th September 2016 were not affected by this data breach.

IHG is advising all franchise hotels to implement SPS in order to protect themselves from such malware attacks, though the company also said, many more properties implemented SPS after September 29, 2016, which ended the malware’s ability to find payment card data.

What is the IHG doing?
IHG has already notified law enforcement of the recent data breach.

Moreover, on behalf of franchisees, the company has been working closely with the payment card networks and the cyber security firm to confirm that the malware has been removed and evaluate ways for franchisees to enhance security measures.

What should IHG customers do?
Users are advised to review their payment card statements carefully and to report any unauthorized bank transactions.

You should also consider requesting a replacement card if you visited any of the affected properties during that three months duration when the breach was active.
"The phone number to call is usually on the back of your payment card. Please see the section that follows this notice for additional steps you may take," the company says.
IHG became the latest hotel chain to report a potential customer data breach in past few years, following the data breach in Hyatt, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Starwood, White Lodging and the Trump Collection that acknowledged finding malware in their payment systems.
Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.
Thank you,
Alex Athineos
Special Thanks To,
Swati Khandelwal
The Hacker News
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Android Trojan Targeting Over 420 Banking Apps Worldwide Found On Google Play Store!

Do you like watching funny videos online?

I am not kind of a funny person, but I love watching funny videos clips online, and this is one of the best things that people can do in their spare time.

But, beware if you have installed a funny video app from Google Play Store.

A security researcher has discovered a new variant of the infamous Android banking Trojan hiding in apps under different names, such as Funny Videos 2017, on Google Play Store.

Niels Croese, the security researcher at Securify B.V firm, analyzed the Funny Videos app that has 1,000 to 5,000 installs and found that the app acts like any of the regular video applications on Play Store, but in the background, it targets victims from banks around the world.

This newly discovered banking Trojan works like any other banking malware, but two things that makes it different from others are — its capability to target victims and use of DexProtector tool to obfuscate the app's code.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athineos,

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Beware of an Unpached Microsoft Word 0-Day Flaw Being Exploited!

Opening a simple Word file could totally compromise your computer!  There is a new malware that is being released and growing over the Internet.  If unpached you will be compromised.

You can stop this by installing the proper Firewall.  Keeping up to date with all the new paches can be a pain.  Installing a Watchguard firewall will protect all connected devices on your network.  Let Watchguard worry about your security.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athienos,

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WikiLeaks Releals CIA's Grasshopper Windows Hacking Framework!

Grasshopper: Customized Malware Builder Framework

According to the leaked documents, Grasshopper framework allows the agency members to easily create custom malware, depending upon the technical details, such as what operating system and antivirus the targets are using.

The Grasshopper framework then automatically puts together several components sufficient for attacking the target, and finally, delivers a Windows installer that the agency members can run on a target's computer and install their custom malware payloads.

"A Grasshopper executable contains one or more installers. An installer is a stack of one or more installer components," the documentation reads. "Grasshopper invokes each component of the stack in series to operate on a payload. The ultimate purpose of an installer is to persist a payload."

The whistleblowing website claimed the Grasshopper toolset was allegedly designed to go undetected even from the anti-virus products from the world's leading vendors including Kaspersky Lab, Symantec, and Microsoft.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Alex Athieos


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Smarphones Using Broadcom WiFi Chip Can Be Hacked Over The Air!

Millions of smartphones and smart gadgets, including Apple iOS and many Android handsets from various manufacturers, equipped with Broadcom Wifi chips are vulnerable to over-the-air hijacking without any user interaction.

Just yesterday, Apple rushed out an emergency iOS 10.3.1 patch update to address a serious bug that could allow an attacker within same Wifi network to remotely execute malicious code on the Broadcom WiFi SoC (Software-on-Chip) used in iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The vulnerability was described as the stack buffer overflow issue and was discovered by Google's Project Zero staffer Gal Beniamini, who today detailed his research on a lengthy blog post, saying the flaw affects not only Apple but all those devices using Broadcom's Wi-Fi stack.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athineos,

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Clarity Voice.  Nicer than Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice!

How cool is this!

The full retail price is expected to be $199.

The device has a 1280 x 800 pixel display, stereo 5 watt speakers and far field mics that can pick up your voice even if you’re not standing near the speaker.

Clarity’s speaker measures about 12.8″ x 6.3″ x 4.3″ and weighs 2 pounds.

It has a 2MP camera for making video calls, a quad-core processor, 16GB of storage, a microSD card reader, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth. It runs Android 6.0 with a launcher app featuring large icons to make the system look a bit more appliance-like than a typical Android tablet.

There’s also a 1600 mAh battery that Clarity says should provide up to 6 hours of audio playback time, or up to 2.5 hours of video playback. While there are plenty of Android tablets that can do better, this isn’t really a tablet. It’s a speaker that’s meant to be used around the house, so it’s probably fair to think of the battery as a bonus feature that lets you move the speaker from room to room without turning it off, or use it unplugged for brief periods.

Chinese device makers have been cranking out similar hardware for a few years, but the promised support for both Alexa and Google voice services makes this model a bit unusual.

You can find out more by clicking this link:[ ]

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Telegram Messenger Adds "AI" Powered Encrypted Voice Calls!

This is very cool.....  Joining the line with rival chat apps WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Signal, the Telegram instant messaging service has finally rolled out a much-awaited feature for the new beta versions of its Android app: Voice Calling.

And what's interesting?Your calls will be secured by Emojis, and quality will be better using Artificial Intelligence.

No doubt the company brought the audio calling feature quite late, but it's likely because of its focus on security — the voice calls on Telegram are by default based on the same end-to-end encryption methods as its Secret Chat mode to help users make secure calls.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athineos,

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Over 85% Of Smart TV's Can Be Hacked Remotely Using Broadcasting Signals!

The Internet-connected devices are growing at an exponential rate, and so are threats to them.

Due to the insecure implementation, a majority of Internet-connected embedded devices, including Smart TVs, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Security Cameras, and printers, are routinely being hacked and used as weapons in cyber attacks.

It is important to understand that this Phenomenon will continue.  Unless you protect with the correct equipment you will be COMPROMISED, Period!

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athineos,

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Police Arrest Man Potentially Linked to Group Threatening to Whipe Millions of iPhones!

The British authority has reportedly arrested a 20-years-old young man – potentially one of the member of a cyber criminal gang 'Turkish Crime Family' who threatened Apple last week to remotely wipe data from millions of iOS devices unless Apple pays a ransom of $75,000.

The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested a young man from London on Tuesday on suspicion of "Computer Misuse Act and extortion offences," who according to Motherboard, "may be connected to the ongoing attempted extortion of Apple by a group calling itself the Turkish Crime Family."

Last week, the hacking group claimed to have access to over 300 million iCloud accounts and threatened Apple to remotely wipe data from those millions of Apple devices unless Apple pays it $75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum, or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Alex Athineos,


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Yes, it happened again. FBI Gets HACKED!

Once again the FBI gets hacked by a hacker using the Twitter handle CyberZeist.  This user claimed to have hacked the FBI's web site (FBI.GOV) and leaked personal account information of several FBI Agents Publicly.  This hacker exploited a "Zero-Day" vulnerability in the Plone CMS which is a open source Content Management Software used by the FBI to host its web site.


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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Android Malware Hijacks Router DNS From Your Smartphone!

Security Researchers have uncovered a new Android malware targeting your devices, but this time instead of attacking the device directly, the malware takes control over the WiFi router to which your device is connected to and then hijacks the web traffic passing through it.

Dubbed "Switcher," the new Android malware, discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Lab, hacks the wireless routers and changes their DNS settings to redirect traffic to malicious websites.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Kali Linux.  Forensic Linux for HACKING!

At Binary Protectors, we use Kali Linux to show our customers its power.  We show customers how easy it is to hack their WIFI and do much, much more.  Once WIFI is hacked we can then show our customer how vulnerable they are.  We use Kali Linux in a VMWare window on a Windows 10 Operating System.  It works perfect.  With the right WIFI card we can infiltrate WIFI about a mile away.  Kali Linux is a free Operating System that can be downloaded [HERE].

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athienos


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Ukraine Power Outage HACK!

Another suspected power outage by the same hackers that caused the power outage across several regions in the Ukraine Last Christmas.  Problem is getting larger!  Everyone needs to start thinking about protecting themselves because the Internet Infrastructure is not conducive to free will use of it.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos


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The hacking phenomenon will continue no matter what the government does.  Hackers will still figure out a way to get to the information they want.  Some want it for financial gain, some for political issues, some just for the fun of it.  What strikes me as strange is why our Government hasn't taken a different approach.  Hacking is an "END USER" problem.  In other words, its the destinations that are being attacked, not the infrastructure of the Internet and it cannot be fixed by fixing any infrastructure fixes.  The Internet is a Network of Networks and it cannot be disturbed because as an end user you will not be able to have underfed access to it.  We buy things every day.  We look at our stock portfolios online.  Our phones, door bells, our refrigerators are all connected.  If they are not yet they will be.

So how do we fix the "End User" problem, where the real problem is.  This is where Identity Theft, Credit Card theft and many other problems occur.  How do we protect businesses and homeowners on a mass scale?

Well, there is a way and the Government needs to step in and grant a tax exemption for Firewalls for homeowners and businesses.  They did it with Solar Panels, why not Firewalls?

This is my take on the issue.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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How To HACK Apple MAC Password In 30 Seconds!

Macs are always thought to be the safest, most hack-proof computers out there.  Well, we will show you this is not the case.....

All an attacker needs is a $300 device to seize full control of your Mac or MacBook.

Swedish hacker and penetration tester Ulf Frisk has developed a new device that can steal the password from virtually any Mac laptop while it is sleeping or even locked in just 30 seconds, allowing hackers to unlock any Mac computer and even decrypt the files on its hard drive.

So, next time when you leave your Apple's laptop unattended, be sure to shut it down completely rather than just putting the system in sleep mode or locked.

Here's How an Attacker can steal your Mac FileVault2 Password

The researcher devised this technique by exploiting two designing flaws he discovered last July in Apple's FileVault2 full-disk encryption software.

The first issue is that the Mac system does not protect itself against Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks before macOS is started.

It's because the Mac EFI or Extensible Firmware Interface (similar to a PC's BIOS) let devices plugged in over Thunderbolt to access memory without enabling DMA protections, which allows Thunderbolt devices to read and write memory.

Secondly, the password to the FileVault encrypted disk is stored in clear text in memory, even when the computer is in sleep mode or locked. When the computer reboots, the password is put in multiple memory locations within a fixed memory range, making it readable by hacking devices.

Dubbed PCILeech and costs approximately $300, the hacking device exploits these two vulnerabilities to carry out DMA attacks and extract Mac FileVault2 passwords from a device's memory in clear text before macOS boots, and anti-DMA protections come into effect.

This video shows you step by step how to do it.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank You,
Alex Athineos

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FBI Most Wanted Hacker ARRESTED IN NYC

One of the FBI's most wanted hackers who was behind the largest theft of financial data has finally been arrested at the JFK airport in New York.

Joshua Samuel Aaron is accused of being part of a hacking group that attacked several major financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, and according to the officials, which was "the largest theft of user data from a U.S. financial institution in history."

Aaron was believed to have been living as a fugitive in Moscow, Russia after being charged with hacking crimes in 2015, which exposed the personal information of more than 100 Million people.

Doesnt this make you feel safer?  I dont feel safer.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank You,
Alex Athineos

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Skype Backdoor Discovered That's 5 YEARS OLD For MAC OS X Users!

Ok, for all of you MAX OS Users....  Its hard to believe but its true!

Those innocent-looking apps in your smartphone can secretly spy on your communications or could allow hackers to do so.  The backdoor actually resides in the desktop Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third-party plugins and apps to communicate with Microsoft-owned Skype — the popular video chat and messaging service.

Appeared to have been around since at least 2010, the backdoor could allow any malicious third-party app to bypass authentication procedure and provide nearly complete access to Skype on Mac OS X.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.


Thank you,
Alex Athineos



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Facebook Bug HACK Reads All Your Messenger Chats!

A security researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability in Facebook Messenger that could allow an attacker to read all your private conversation, affecting the privacy of around 1 Billion Messenger users.

With all the new hacking problems we keep urging people to protect their networks.  Things are getting worse not better!


Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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Posted by on in Binary Protectors News
Identity Theft Is GROWING!

We have been talking about this for months.  Identity Theft is gotten to a very critical tipping point.  Remember, there is a difference between Identity Protection and Identity THEFT PREVENTION.  Binary Protectors, PREVENTS your identity from being taken.  Call us, we can explain how we can protect your personal and important information.

[CLICK HERE] To view statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  [Click HERE] for more information on how we can PREVENT it.

Peace Of Mind Isn’t Priceless.

Thank you,
Alex Athineos

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